Thursday, June 25, 2009

Singing songs with Daddy

This is the part where Daddy comes out and sings a silly song.

I made up a new song for Nathan today about his Penguin. It is to the tune of "Five Huge Hippos Hopping on a Hill".

Oh little penguin you are a flightless bird,
Oh little penguin tell me have you heard,
Oh little penguin you live where it it cold,
Oh little penguin that Nathan loves to hold.

He kept saying again until I was literally out of breath.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The facilities are conveniently located

Today we were at a Birthday pool party for one of my son's cousins. He wouldn't swim much at all because he wasn't very comfortable with the big pool and all of the kids in it. After a while quite a few people had left and it was getting calmer. He said he needed to use the bathroom. His aunt asked his uncle to show him where the boys "outdoor potty" was. His uncle Mike led him to a spot in the yard and walked away to give him some privacy.

A short while later he walks up to me with his pants down around his ankles and says "I poopied daddy". I asked "you poopied?", and he replied yes. I asked him to show me where he poopied and he led me right to the spot on the grass where his poop was lying under a nice sized swarm of flies. I guess we should have been more clear about what the outdoor potty was for.

I knew there would be lots of cleaning up poop when I had kids, but I didn't know I would be scooping it out of my brother and sister-in-laws yard at a party. It's amazing that a kid who isn't comfortable swimming in a pool with a bunch of noisy kids doesn't mind dropping his pants and pooping in the yard with them. The most impressive part was that he didn't get anything on him. Apparently there is something to be said for instinct.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let me be your hero

I love how easy it is to be a hero as a husband and a father. I don't have to save the world or cure some disease, I just have to smash the occasional spider or pick them up when a large dog approaches.

My most recent heroic event occurred when my youngest decided to drop his stuffed penguin out the car window. I turned the car around and parked in the McDonald's parking lot. I ran through the very large ditch as I watched the poor penguin roll around from the wind from the passing cars. Once I got up the other side of the ditch I had an opening in traffic and I dashed out and grabbed the penguin and ran back to the car. Penguin was saved. I then informed the boys to never ask to have the windows down again.