Sunday, May 17, 2009

It worked!

I had always heard that if your headlights have that yellow haze on them you could polish it off with tooth paste. I was told that gel wouldn't work and it had to be the regular tooth paste. Today I washed and waxed the car and figured I'd try to fix the headlight haze. I only had gel but I figured it couldn't hurt anything. I have to say that if regular tooth paste works better than the gel that wasn't supposed to work then the regular stuff must be unbelievable because my headlights look almost like new now. Not only are they very clear they also smell minty fresh :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Love Having Boys

I know I could do all of the same things if I had girls, but then I would probably get static from some people for making them tomboys.

If it isn't obvious this is a picture of my almost four year old son helping me sand a board for a shelf to go above the TV in the basement. The focused look on his face is just perfect.

A few days later on the day after his fourth birthday he helped me jack up the car to change the oil and the fuel filter. He could work the jack all by himself. He is four years old and he already lifted a car. He even looked at the jack while he was using it and said "Daddy this is a lever, a lever is a simple machine." He's absolutely awesome.

I taught him all about safety and how important it is to put new oil in the car. I also told him how important it was to put your tools away when you are done, but I didn't learn that until I was about 25, so I am not holding out hope that this lesson will stick for some time, but I have plenty of time to teach it to him.