Friday, February 27, 2009

Singing my Praises - Literally

Since I currently have an "economic sabbatical" every Friday I have been doing more breakfast cooking for the kids. I enjoy cooking breakfast. I think it is the most fun meal of the day as it is the most likely to involve syrup. However, I never expected to have a cheering section for it.

Last Friday I was making french toast. The kids were already eating and I was making more. As I stood there at my griddle I hear Carson singing "My Daddy is super cool, he makes the best French Toast. I love my Daddy, he makes the best French Toast." This gave me quite the Bill Cosby flashback that some of you may remember "Dad is great, he give us the chocolate cake." Now I have another reason that breakfast is fun. Maybe next week we'll have chocolate cake for breakfast and I'll teach him that Bill Cosby song. I bet I could get my wife to make that face he talks about :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Definitely Not a Yes Man

Nathan is at the age where his favorite word is No. Everything is no. Yesterday he was sitting beside me and he was going through a no spell for every question I asked. I said you're just a No machine aren't you, and he replied "No, No, No, No." So I guess he's not a no machine after all.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just Like we Taught Him

Due to my recent cut in work hours we haven't been out to eat for quite a while. Tonight we were out and it was already after dinner time. We decided that since kids eat free at Denny's on Saturday nights right now that we would go ahead and eat a meal out. Both of the kids got french toast. Carson ate all of his and asked if he could have another slice of french toast. He isn't usually a good eater so we were glad he wanted more. The waitress brought his french toast and said be careful it's still hot. Carson breathed in deep and blew on it to make sure it was cooled off. We'll if you have ever had Denny's Fabulous French Toast you know it is dusted with a healthy coat of powdered sugar. We had quite a good laugh as the cloud of powdered sugar smoked out our table. The laughter spread to at least one other booth that noticed the cloud and figured out what had happened. Carson really didn't even seem to notice anything happened so I am betting we can count on a repeat performance if he gets a hot piece of french toast again. Maybe we should have the video camera ready just in case.