Sunday, December 28, 2008

Silent Sunday

We'll almost silent Sunday.

If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. If you give a toddler a bowl of spaghetti he'll make a nifty hat.

Also, you have to click on the picture for the larger view to truly appreciate the mess he made. Spaghetti, makes any night bath night.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Darndest Things

I was holding my 3 year old and I said "I love you Carson Gregory" and he quizzically said "But I'm not in trouble, you called me Carson Gregory?" I wonder why it is so universal that we call our kids by more than one name when they are in trouble. Maybe it's because we can't add the extra words we may feel like adding to what we are saying so we settle for an extra name.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

He has Been Listening to his Mother

I have two boys. One is three and and half years and the other one is 18 months. This morning we were in the basement playing "Dog Pile" where everyone basically jumps on each other and rolls all over. After a while the two little ones bumped heads. I apologized and let them know that it was my fault. The older one then stood up and said "I think this game is a little too dangerous, let's play something else for a while". It was like he was channeling his mother. Now the older one is playing Buzz Lightyear and the little one has the toy vacuum. The reality is that even if we were playing sit still in a padded room some one would still find a way to get hurt eventually. The moral of this story is the game isn't over until you can't stand the pain anymore.

Have fun, get hurt, play something else. Repeat until bedtime.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Penis Talk

Long ago when my child (now three years old) asked "what's that" we decided to not use any euphemisms so we told him that was his penis. He didn't say anything else about it for a while, but lately he talks about his penis a lot.

When I was changing his diaper he starts "Daddy, is that my Penis?" Yes. "Daddy, do I have poop on my Penis? Yes. "Daddy, are you going to wipe my penis?" Yes. "Daddy, do you have a penis?" Yes. "Daddy you're a Penis". I was a little stunned. What exactly should you say when your son calls you a penis. I knew my first response was not appropriate because laughing hysterically would probably not prevent him from calling anyone a penis in the future. So I held the laughter in for a while and told him it was not nice to call people penises. Once I got him off the changing table I went in the other room, shut the door, and laughed it out.

He also likes to point out to his mother that he has a penis and baby has a penis and daddy has a penis, but she does not.

Part two, why I don't change my son's diapers in public anymore.

My son does not like to have his diaper changed, and is sometimes quite uncooperative about it. I was in a family restroom at the mall changing his diaper and when I started to wipe him he got all upset and started saying things like: "Don't wipe my Penis, I don't won't you to touch my Penis, You're hurting me." Then he was squirming so much I thought he was going to fall off of the table so I put on hand on his stomach and he starts saying "Let me go, Let me go, get your hand off of me, don't wipe my penis". By this time I am looking around to see if anyone is in the changing area. I then realized that looking all around might make me look guilty of something. Fourtunately no one happened along to question me. From here on I have done all I can to avoid changing him in public.